Mr Kappiah ‘s class ..

It was a nice day , a gaggle of senior year students were seen standing outside an old physics lab which hosted Teacher Hakeem Kappiah, our Physics teacher, who to me  seemed like a combination of  Severus Snape and Proffesor Mcgonagall of JK Rowlings novel.
  He was busy setting up apparatus for a practical on light in his classroom. With a few seniors and juniors.
   Quite queer ,4 different setups, a triangular  prism , a rectangular prism, optical benches and for some weird reason several calorimeters  .
   He seemed quite in a temper, I was in my own reverie when i happened to notice Ham with the 3 bullies Amman, Saddy and Edward.  I was shocked, he didnt even acknowledge his sister.

  I was passing by to the class to my favourite concrete slab for a quick sip of  coffee. 
And i decided to go assist Salma,  Ara, Amina and Sherry, were present as well.

Though i  noticed a bit of hostility toward me. I  went out in order not to cross sir. 


I was quite chatterbox.

So i immediately retreated  . After several bouts of sir turning ugly, we started class at 11 30  am.

B4 i could say Jack!  Or Jill!  For that matter i was inside the class. On an optical bench packaged from India as it said on the package when i was assisting Salma  . And after a speech on not vandalising the lab, and a quick exchange of bitter scolding from none other than Mr. Kappiah, i started on my experiment ,after a while  , Sir told Obed to pair up on the optical bench with me, i noticed Salma on the counter ahead of me  , and Surprisingly, looking like a fish out of water Ham ,to my immediate left. Sorely remorseful of picking that setup.
     Mr .Kappiah moved us to other setups, after a while  . I.started, realising how much time had passed actually, it was 1 30 pm, wow, i worked on till 2 40 when Mr. Kappiah suddenly tells us 5 minutes to wrap up. And return at 7 30 pm. I was  beside my senses with shock . I carried on  wrapped up and moved up to the front. Hardly  any happy


One of the worst out of the best.

It was  a nice day, today . A gaggle of year three senior high students could be seen on the verandah of the old physics laboratory, now hosting a very busy Mr. Kappiah, who was busy setting up optical benches on each counter ,assisted by a group of dutiful year two students and three of his favourite from the year three group.
    These students have been on a number of occasions seen taking advantage of his hospitable though funny temperament  ,which caused by severe mood swings was an infamous topic among students alike.


I personally Thought him of a milder version of ” Severus Snape ” from J K Rowlings Harry potter series, mixed with that of Mcgonagal. 



That morning after waiting unsuccessfully for 15 minutes, most of the number dispersed, apparently misinformed of the right time, i noticed the 3 notorious students Sady , Amman,  and Edward, moving with Halogen, i was quite with taken aback as  Ham walked ( or  strutted)  past without a word. 
    I could not imagine why Ham would be with these 3 ,but finding no guts to question them i walked ahead and plopped onto the concrete seat at the back of my class.
    I was wondering why Ham would act so strange when it occurred to me to slip past to the laboratory and sit by the class,on the extra wooden chair outside.
    I walked to the lab, put my bag down ,Salma beckoned to me to come to her side and help her . It was a  strange piece of apparatus, which i read from  the packaging to be an optical bench, there were five in number, and shockingly packaged in India ,wow i thought .
   When i realised Mr. Kappiah was getting irritable i moved towards the left side of the front of the  class where Aranette and Amina were  gossiping about  an issue which i avoided completely. ( or tried  to) .
   After a while i slipped out to write in my journal ( conveniently nicknamed R. O. H. A.  A. N) and wrote two entries. It was hard not to notice Ham talking to Martin and Rafiq, i ignored them, they were about fifty metres away.
     I felt the warm breezes swoop  by and wished Rohaan was a real human being i could talk to ,or put my head on a shoulder which belongs to him and forget all my worries.
   It was almost ten, i swished into the room trying to get into  a conversation  with Ara, though she was more or less indifferent with me for  almost a week.
    Amina seemed nice, though Sherry was more warm and i guess they were trying too hard not to offend me.

I was known as a tempest, and more talkative… than the worst  .
( by the end of today i would turn introvert i knew not)  . I thought something was amiss.
    By eleven , Mr. Kappiah who was calm since morning cracked up and sacked every soul from the lab mentioning stuff like ” ungrateful students ”  ,”lazy students ” ,  most likely as the class was near to emptiness.
     And we waited for forty five minutes or less, before he calmed down.
       There were 4 kind of setups, rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, the optical bench ,and for some reason several calorimeters.
    Though strictly instructed us not to go near the calorimeters  . I was by an optical bench setup and almost started when Mr. Kappiah scolds me for putting the lamp on, i mean, crazy right?? .
     But i was almost in tears and  did not crack up though severely offended. As usual covering up my feeling of pure melancholy with a thousand watt fake laugh.
    I realised after a while Ham was standing to my left looking sorely unhappy with his choice of apparatus, to my front was Salma also on a similar setup looking like the cat which swallowed the canary.
   In due course, late comers filed in and to my horror the 3 bullies as well.
Oh no!
Mr. Kappiah told latecomers to leave the lab, but as if on second thought let them in ,in a single file with instructions as to which setup to use or who to pair up with, he rounded up with a speech telling us not to vandalise the setups.
    We carried on, with our tasks in our ” workbook ” .  And apparently seeing i was assisting Obed on how to get a sharp image ,he waived me off to another setup, of a triangular prism.
     I carried on not realising the time and suddenly by absolute serendipity happened to see the time as 1 30 pm, woah time flew!  .

      It hit me with a bang i had to call dad to come pick me as we finished ,but was low on credit on my phone. Suddenly Sir shouts five minutes more round up and come back at 7 30 pm.  I looked at him incredulousy, he  seemed to notice ,and came over telling me to try another kind of experiment before going home involving a plain mirror.
  I rounded up in half an hour it was 3  00 pm, i  walked back to my favourite concrete slab and sat down . Realising i should hace asked Salma if i could borrow her phone i trooped back with sore feet ( standing straight for almost 4 hours)  she graciously accepted  ,inviting me to join them in the lab apparently to stay till my ride came.
   There was Aranette, Amina ,and Sherry, also some unknown people in a conversation with Mr.Kappiah .
    It was akward standing there with sore feet, i noticed a seat and seated myself when Amina and Sherry decided to pick on me  , Aranette was away for the moment , so as imagined Salma stood up for me.
   I could not take in any more i left the class quietly  and seated outside by the class on the wooden chair. Ara passed by asking why i was outside on such a warm day.
      It was sickening how I was treated like dry rot, and i was also thoroughly unhappy, writing to Rohaan as well wishing he were real  .
  I came home soon to chemistry tuitons which were tiring and rounded of with a humble supper.     Thus ended the worst of a good day .

Tiring Days

Can this day get any worse?


Maybe it can
Can these

troubles end? 

Maybe they can
Will my mind be focused?
Yes it can and will be

Will my sight show me what i must see??
Maybe it will

Will my fingers stop typing
Yes, ultimately they will.
As i lie in my snug covers,
As i travel to the land of dreams
The land of bewilderment the land of enchantment
Of daintly fantasies and beautiful imagination.

My worst nightmare


Life seems so simple, doesn’t it? All be born, study , pass, get a job, settle down, get some kids, and they continue this cycle, then grow old, and finally kick the bucket and pass on.


Some people dont get how we feel when all the world seems to be eating you up, you feel about to drown in a bucket of your own stress. Student , its a simple word right, most over acheivers have made this word mean :
S – studious
T – trustworthy
U -understanding
D -Dutiful
E -extraordinary
N -never failing
T – trouble never.

But most of the times the S is misinterpreted  . S should stand for self motivating. And this can only be done when teachers look at their students as a group and motivate students to learn, improve self confidence in students, shield the under acheivers and / or average students in order to make students feel studious.

Thats by the way  the topic  of today is that i feel i am living in a nightmare, i oversleep  ,i cannot study enough   ,i am a bit plump, not tall enough, a bit unsucessful in people matters ,i am also a bit talkative, dont know what to do.

My exams are 14 days away, dont know what to do . I feel so stressed  ,and frustrated. I feel terrible.


So much to learn, so much to do all i will do is make a prayer ,and let it go

Just let it roll right of my shoulders in the end ,the hardest part is over
Its not the end of the world
Its small hours that will still remain
Let my troubles fall behind me.
Its these small hours that are little wonders i will survive.

All i wish now is for  my life to fall

in place, i will live because its never the end of the world. And i will fight, no matter what if i cant make A ‘s without studying ,i will study, and i will come through. Because life never ends


The sunset is never the end of the day its to signify a break in supply of sunlight



There is always gonna be a new day and always make me smile always  .


Most people will not remember me, but i will though in my heart i will always stay me.

I can change my personality but i will always be me.

What i feel today


Its quite an awful day . I feel strange like missing a train or an exam  . Its saturday but i feel like i have gone nuts.

Like the skies have turned blue -black
The earth is slipping away
Like the dark night skies
The day has camouflaged
I feel so this way
A star lost from its galaxy.

All this i felt today.  Must be weird.  Or a sign that time has flown away.  Need to go start study.


The light i was waiting for has certainly come ,though life has something else  in store
Time will will surely tell  me.”

12th march 2014

Today was a really weird day, i reached school  and realised the chemistry practical exam is on friday and not today. 
Isaac and Paul were in class, they laughed themselves silly, though both had also believed rumours about the exam preponed to today.
Sakina from H class came as well, laughed myself silly as well. Then Asma and Sameera came by from H class, we moved to the lab and acertained that Sumaila from their class was right!  . Imagine my fury!  .
And not even one phone call to ask me to stay at home. 
Ham came by, my bond brother was really studying as his paper was today .
Salma and Modesta from A (my)  and H respectively arrived.  She acted really funny ,all angry at me not warning her not to come.
Later she became sober, and we had a laugh.
   Mr. Hakeem Kappiah , our physics tutor had his book ready  , he was selling it at a rate of 20  per book.  Quite expensive!! 
  Salma and I  ,left  to buy some snacks, and to gossip ( lol)  on the way.! 
   Ham was in the classroom apparently studying . His paper was after 3 hours! .
  I bought a fanta. And salma got some biscuits.  We came back and met Amina ( A class)  on the way. 
   Amina is a real heartbreaker ( Salma no less)  well u can only guess.  Ha. 
       Amina went on to get some work done. And Salma and i proceded to study our chemistry. 
   The lesson went on for half an hour. Then my ride came ( dad called me to find out what was happening, had to tell him!).  Reached home at 10 : 40 .


I start my exams in three weeks,worried sick about exam, its so unrealistic how people are shown on tv as geniuses or einsteins, in reality its absolutely once in a blue moon such a phenomenon occurs .
Family expects me to get excellent grades, but i feel scared, i want to tell the world i am ready to fly ,but bugger this education system, people are chosen based on their knowledge rather than skill or expertise .
Rather than go get myself killed i will double study times, who knows i will get lucky! .