Love Story ? : What Every Woman Expects and What She Gets Instead.

Ever thought why women never stay happy in life? 

Ever realise why we are so unhappy?

Ever ask yourself why everytime we just cannot get who we really need in our life?

The answer is really simple, we are very expectant , we just anticipate so much that we always become disappointed when we don’t get what we hoped to get.

I for one have got the solution to this

Never expect anything, that way you don’t get disappointed.

What she expects from him :

A woman expects a guy who will : For once listen.
Understand her .
Be caring.
Tell her she looks beautiful instead of hot.
Be affectionate.
Trust her completely.
Not hit her in a fit .
Protect her .
Love her truly.
Not cheat on her.


In short she seeks a perfect man to look out for her, and stay with her for the rest of her life  .

What she gets instead :

While looking for a perfect match, she rather gets someone who she thinks is the one.
And ruins everything.

In her opinion she feels lucky if he ‘s handsome, dashing and wealthy, but as time goes by, a true woman will realise he is not the one, but only a crush.  Nothing more. When it dawns on her ,she gets unhappy and goes into a deppresion.
The Mr.Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong. And the world turns upside down.
In most stories , by the time she realises it she may be married to Mr.Wrong or in a really bad situation. Mostly leading to divorce or in changing her life style.
She may become an unhappy depressed woman, or start a secret life. In both cases a false identity evolves. And changes her forever  .


New life … new horizons

  Raston mein hai bhavre kayi sare
Rastan hai lamba
Par bhavre anek
Bavro mein kab koel agaye
Kya pata?
agle mod pe shayad woh  ho.

Life has taught me so much, at this age of technology, its easy to hurt anybody unwillingly and unintentionally, sometimes hurt is good, better  hurt than dead.
  No matter how sad you will find yourself, a Rohaan will wait to listen to your troubles. No matter how much you mourn  time will continue its course, and you will find the way out of the darkest tunnel, and into the daylight  .sooner or later  .

As Long As You Love Me.

As long as you love me, we could be starving ,we could be homeless we could be broke.

Truth :
    Heard these lines before?,  yes most people who have heard Justin Bieber’s song will recognise them.
   Truly they make me feel all gooey like my insides have all melted and all i can imagine is the one, the one for me  , a masked man, looking at me from afar, staring at me with a masked face, i reach out and then as soon as it starts it ends, abruptly the vision disappears and I’m back to earth.
   As long as he loves me I’ll be his silver, I’ll be his platinum, I’ll be his Gold, I’ll be his Destiny ‘s child of be the girl of his dreams.
The reality :
But the thing is, believing he is out there, and never finding him ,will be too much of a blow, and i daresay I won’t survive it. 
  Due to this reason its better not to get my hopes up, I’ll rather pretend to the world I hate love stories, love, and relationships. Yet stay hollow and empty forever. Its what I would do. 
Breakdown in agony in private, keep up a charade of happiness, and absolute and utter bliss, yet crumble from within, truly hoping in my deepest corner of my heart for T Love, but Mentally accept that there is a 0. 000000……….………………………01 percent chance of ever finding him ever.
  Though i believe , its better not to expect too much, disappointment is a very painful experience.

My favourite book characters ….. and why i like them. Pt 1.

1 . Jacob Black :
      As the author Stephenie Meyers describes Jake, he is a very talented,kindhearted,and awesome person. Not to mention rather addictive person ,the perfect friend, brother, son,boyfriend, hubby, pretty much entirely wonderful personality.
Just apart from the wolfy parts, nothing else is weird  . I like this character because he is described so wonderfully , a light and perfect person to be around ,a sun who fills his environment with happiness, even i smile whenever I read about his every reaction in the twilight series.
Jacob truly is a personality i would like to see in my best friend .
Honestly ,i get jealous reading about all the best moments, wishing i knew someone like him. Well to be honest, Jacob is every bit of .. well i guess its a wonder how i actually got around to not liking the movies, but i felt the director or videoing was not doing justice to exactly all the characters , Seth, Charlie, Leah,Emily, Sam, Alice, Jake, excluded, ok, Taylor Lautner did look the character, with his natural acting, but really  , I missed the most funny parts in the books in the movie, 🙂 .

2. Angela Weber :
Angela is one of Stephenie Meyers characters i wish i knew, she is caring, thoughtful,and so much kind, sometimes i wish i had someone like her in my life .Not to mention, her helpful but quiet nature. I sometimes hope to find someone like her to share all i need to with.

3. Fred and George Weasley :
Okay, this one is unexpected, but they’re just so funny, J K Rowling’s really intrigued me, how impish,and troublesome,yet interesting can these twins get ? . 

4. Alice Cullen :
Now this will sound a tad weird, but this character is quite a bit like me, short, bubbly,always wanting to have fun ,trying all kinds of weird things, flowery decorations, and incredibly full of herself.  She should have been number one ,but guess someone i did take fancy to.; -)   ,yh i  forgot, also annoys most people due to being so herself. 🙂

5. Hermione Weasley nèè Granger :
Well who doesn’t  like a know-it-all?  Oka-aay, but truly, she fascinates me so much, and she is very kind, remember her buying Crookshanks only because no one wanted him, and helping Neville out, okay, also giving helping hands to her best friends, and supporting only what can  be proven logically , more to her is her incredibly superior intellect, and hardwork ,sincerely an ideal – well in some ways – student.
Hermione is also a great observer and teases Harry about Ginny indirectly in part six of the books, though  Harry as pigheaded as he was never really  noticed, i particularly like her caring nature, always worried about  her friends, trooping off to a library every now and then to just always read like she always does in all situations.  Well gotta move on.

6. Robert Langdon :
Okay, not sure why he made it to this list, but he is a bit interesting, not only his uncanny ability to curiously escape death in every Dan  Brown book,  its  seriously weird.

7. D’Artagnan :
This character is one i like to associate myself to, though with every passing day it makes me feel  I’m wrong. He joins Athos Porthos and Aramis, as their fourth group member. And they bond, he is the one to reach Spain or Rather France to help the Queen. He is also very attached to his friends.

8.Princess Mia. :
Okay, she is a very interesting character and i really like her, funny, humourful and entirely wonderful.

9. Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape :
I really love their absolute Villain -ness, very intriguing details and awesomely bad, and yet with  hints of goodness, subtly written and portrayed, aknowledgements to Tom Felton for making us absolutely like Draco, nicely villained if i can say.

10.Ronald Weasley  , Ginevra Weasley,and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley :
Yeah  i could add all weasleys into this list, really, every J K Rowling ‘s characters from her book are worth  loving  , really  nice and real people, apart from being remarkably wonderful.
Ron is a perfect crutch for the less informed young Harry Potter, when he arrives on the platform 9 and 3/4 , best friend to Harry, as Hermione cannot  get enough time between Library and them though she tries  . Mr and Mrs Weasley are the most lovely parent like people in the book  to Harry.
Ginevra, better known as Ginny is described as a good looking and highly good hexer in the books, more like Fred and George, and the love ( late but forever is more  precise) of Harry’s life.

11. Harry Potter :
Okay he is a quite nice character  whose life is filled with tragic happenings ,and a good hearted person. Who thwarted death almost 8 or 10 times last i counted. But none the less  good character. Likeable.

12.  Edward Cullen, Jasper Hale, Emette Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Esmè Cullen :
Ok Edward is a nice person, more exaggeratedly handsome, and a good person, Jasper is a nice character  who overcomes  a tragic past thanks to Alice Cullen  ,an  incredible fighter as well ,tries  to be a nice person. Carlisle is an epitome of humane characteristics an entirely good natured person. Esmè is Carlisle’s wife and a very loving woman, motherly and kind to Isabelle Swan  . Emette is a very humourous person, though described as an impish but intimidating person ,very funny to me, and married ( in a way)  to  Rosalie Cullen nèè  Hale .

12. Isabelle Marié Swan and Rosalie Cullen nèè Hale :
Ok putting them together  is a bad idea, gorgeous  Rosalie and awkward and unco-ordinated Bella, bad idea. But Blondie does help Bella a lot during her difficult phase . Though unlikely  to ever be friends, they  worked  it all out.
Bella, who considers  herself an average human who loves Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black, at the same time, both who turn out  to be a vegetarian Vampire and  a reluctant Werewolf /shapeshifter into HUGE wolf. yeah right, a very funny girl Bella is. Torn between a Vampire ‘s love and friendship with a Wolf  Shapeshifter  . Rosalie is a beeeauutiful Vampire ( did i mention the  Cullens and Hales are vegetarian  Vampires! ) 

Well  you can  tell  i like Harry Potter books, the twilight series, Dan Browns series on  Langdon, The Princess Diaries, The three muskateers ,well i like more books, but i ran out of time  .

The Longest Wait For….. my Aidenn ..

Life seems normal enough when you don’t realise whats actually going on, the slithering away of happiness from the once scarlet cheeks, or the rosy tinge to your cheekbones or cheek in my case.
Waiting for the one to come, who never actually does come  . Spending each waking moment for him to come. But he never does, not in entirerity in the least.
Now he’s not here, what is going on?

I see time, the treacherous monster reaching out to defeat the questions with no answers, treating with a serpentine wickedness the passing away of days. Oh wicked traitor ! Where are your hands?  
Those long and short hands of fate, of a thousand needle pricks, slipping from my hands, like grains of sand .

Heaven only can tell the worth of my moping
In wait the slithery monsters of time
To rob me of thought and motion

Twas set in reeds of Golden twines
Entwined my fate by The Greatest Writer
My story moves as such

Oh Great King of Writers!
Why make my story a tale of misery?
Why scorn me to the endless wait of him?
Why falleth I in other stories of men who are not mine to be?
Why do you let me scream the endless story
In sweet honeyed tongues of a gailly tongue

Yet inside i scream in deepest despair beyond aide in a lonely path
The room darkens my thoughtful chambers of hope
In wait for my one and only

I seek the shade of charisma
Where the thoughts be of only light and joy
In jolly lights of the yonder life
And a shower of earthly wonder

Of a tale of a thousand and more nights
Of a happy life where love is king
In deep turmoil of a happy heart

Worried  only as to how to laugh
No more  weeping no more moping
Only colourful smiles to be known.

Can any more be told ? 

Loving you is so easy
Keeping you in the dark is so hard
Making me stop is even harder
Telling you no is so hard
Telling you yes is even harder
Of all earthly humans,