One Direction : A new Discovery.

One direction, well Liam Payne ,Harry Stilles, Zayn Malik , Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. The famous Anglo – Irish Pop music band.

This band was formed in 10 minutes by Simon Cowell during an X – factor bootcamp. Since finishing in third place, everything has been great for this band, with refreshing heart touching lyrics, to ear -splitting rock songs, this band has been so far so good.

From songs like “Little Things ” ,”Story of my life” ,to “Best song Ever” ,to “what makes you beautiful” ,the band has been up to mark.

Their three albums :
“Up All Night ”
“Take Me Home ”
“Midnight Memories”

Have been full of refreshing variable genres  , with songs for a healing heartbroken person ,to peppy foot tapping numbers  .

Their music videos are also A – grade.   In other words well suited.
Their heart touching ” Story of my life ” video with the live growing photograph characters, to their rib -acheing and my personal favourite “Best Song Ever – official ” with the Lady -like Zayn  and a hilarious Louis and Niall duo , most funny was the nerdy Harry! . What a video! .

The funky getups by the bad for Best Song Ever

watch story of my life here
watch best song ever here.

Most amazing .

The 1D band keeps surprising us, 🙂 ,well we are happy with their work  ,hope it gets better as time goes on ..

The changes from xfactor to popular boy band.
They are visible :
Funkier hair do ‘s
Weird tattoos all over
Horrible tattoos
Funny tattoos



How i found out.

I was watching X factor for the first time when i heard about them, i did not take much notice, next i saw their interview, then after a year or two i  heard from a friend about them again, later 3 months and yesterday  their video songs on youtube. I got their albums next, then it was amazing.

Truly a wonderful band.

The band at an event

Worst day ever …… Ever.

The day which started normally had to go down a sticky end as usual, with neither a spark of dawn, nor a spark of goodness .

I usually hope for a miracle, but i guess i have to be frozen like Elsa as usual  .

No sign of any hope for spring except forever winter.
None ever.

Why did today of all days trouble have to find me!!!!


Story of my life …. So far.

People turn out to be such jerks, some holding grudges for as many as 14 years. My life has such people, my family is so weird, most of the time I think i am so unlucky.

In my life, i have many friends but i have never had a real anchor, no one as special as a confidente, I do not believe in relationships, people all around me are in turmoil due to either being in love, or married. Apart from my parents I havent seen anyone else happily married Everyone ‘s fooling themselves by claiming to be happy, but never had a happy life.
Sometimes i just wonder why i am being so nice at all, why am i doing everything my parents want me to, why i don’t ever go against our culture, why am i pretending to be all hard and sophisticated when all i want to do is run away.

I sometimes try to break away from everything, or imagine getting a psychiatrist to have my mental state checked, but who am i fooling, this remotely uninteresting environment in an ancient place where malls, zoos ,theatres, no Mcdonalds or Psychiatrists. In other words African small town.  Foreigner stuck in a foreign town. My electric fan has also broken down, no fun at all here .
Now there is also no age mate of my descent here, unless you count my younger sister. Who is 13 years old . And more than 3 years my junior.
Perfect sister, but not really close to me. I ‘ve always been so tight in my own little nutshell, I’ve never ever let anyone in, never ever, and when i do , i get rid of them soon.

I have 4 paternal uncles and three aunts. 7 external nuclear families. From my father’s family. I have a sister only.  My mum is a housewife.  My father is a Manager. My dad works with my Middle Bua (father ‘s sister) ‘s husband .
We left India a small time after i was born,  and travelled here to Africa. My Fui ( as i call my Middle Bua  in Gujarati) has two children, my cousin sister Abha  and my cousin brother Jagat Singh. Mr. and Mrs. Singh have lived in Africa for a really long time, a year or two before their oldest daughter Abha ‘s birth.

When i was little, people called me cute, and as most adults are attached to small children, so were the adults in the household and the older children. Family friends included. I was loved a lot. But i was terribly mischievious, and trouble found me rather often than can be imagined. My Fuagi ( my Middle aunts husband) was always sure to get me treats from his numerous travels . Which was ok, but it induced severe hate for me in his childrens heart ( as i think happened)  . After a few years my sister was born, i started getting less attention ,but apart from that my cousins started treating me inferior ,i retaliated by turning into what i am now. I can’t trust anyone now.
My sister is a nice little girl, she deserves to be happy always. I dont blame anyone but myself for harbouring envy at a young age.

Till date Jagat Singh has never forgiven me for taking attention away from them. Even Abha i fear has harboured such feeling towards me. But she never is open towards her belief and charater  . Jagat on the other hand has my respect for the fact that he has never hid any of his views about anyone, he is an honest hearted cousin of mine . A true brother no matter the hate or inferior treatment. Abha as well for never making me feel bad about anything .

These people have made  me to never be a people pleaser. Even though i act like one . Im not.

Today i am nearly in a state of tears when i go over the story of my  life.
I am sixteen years, nine months ,seventeen days, twenty -two hours, forty five minutes, nine seconds old.
I have :
– Broken my ankle .
– Had a bicycle accident .
– Bunked Math classes .
– Cried myself to sleep a lot.
– Had and got over three crushes .
– Seen a lot of rainy days.
– Witnessed a cat dying.
– Seen a wedding take place.
– Given up on things for others .
– Lied to make someone feel okay.
– Said the wrong things a lot.
– Hurt a lot of people.
– Gotten mistrusted by my parents who think i have an affair.
– Been Overweight a lot.
– Fallen sick a lot .
– Seen Old People .
– Lost a very important person in my life due to death.
– Been down-trodden a lot .
– Been bullied a lot.
– Stood up to bullies after a long bullying bout.
– Hidden my feelings always.
– Believed in love.
– Said no to relationships.
– Lost Belief in love.
– Fasted for 15 consecutive Days

I have never :
– Gotten drunk before.
– Been arrested .
– Trusted or thought about getting into a relationship.
-Broken someones trust.
-Found my Confidente.
– Been sociable.
– Trusted anyone fully.
– Learned to be open to people yet .
– Kissed anyone.
– Hated someone enough to kill.
– Forgotten any bad thing which has ever happened to me.
– Died
– Slept under the stars .
– Been involved with any strange incidents .
– Forgotten God.

All this in this age. Wow.

Human Nature : ( Parody)

A man is taking a walk in Central
park in New York. Suddenly he
sees a little girl being attacked by
a pit bull dog . He runs over and
starts fighting with the dog. He
succeeds in killing the dog and
saving the girl’s life. A policeman
who was watching the scene walks
over and says: “You are a hero,
tomorrow you can read it in all
the newspapers: “Brave New
Yorker saves the life of little girl”
The man says: – “But I am not a
New Yorker!” “Oh ,then it will say
in newspapers in the morning:
‘Brave American saves life of little
girl'” – the policeman answers.
“But I am not an American!” –
says the man. “Oh, what are you
then? ” The man says: – “I am a
Saudi !” The next day the
newspapers says: “Islamic
extremist kills innocent puppy. “

Little Johnny and Alcohol.

Little Johnny’s Chemistry teacher
wanted to teach his class a lesson
about the evils of liquor, so he set
up an experiment that involved a
glass of water, a glass of whiskey,
and two worms.
“Now, class. Observe what
happens to the two the worms,”
said the professor putting the first
worm in the glass of water. The
worm in the water moved about,
twisting and seemingly unharmed.
He then dropped the second work
in the whiskey glass. It writhed in
pain for a moment, then quickly
sank to the bottom and died.
“Now kids, what lesson can we
derive from this experiment?” he
Little Johnny raised his hand and
wisely responded, “Drink whiskey
and you won’t get worms!”

Jab We Met

Starring – Shahid Kapur, Kareena Kapoor, Dara Singh and Saumya Tandon

Director – Imtiaz Ali

Music – Pritam

Yes yes so I can hear the loud cries of ‘here Priya goes again’ in telling us about her mad love for the film Jab We Met but all you out there who don’t know me and read my blog do not know how much I LOVE the movie Jab We Met. Amazing music by Pritam, great acting (best actress win for Kareena and oh so deserved) I just love it and can reel off some of the dialogues off by heart.

Best of all is the script and Kareena/Shahid, the dialogue and the way it is delivered by all the cast.

The film is about a man, Aditya, who is rejected by girl who is getting married to another man. Feeling very dejected he leaves behind all his riches and his fathers business and boards…

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