Career Choices

Career choices, a vital decision to be made, which affects our life in every aspect.

Its important to choose a career which suits your personality and capabilities, hence, an individual must take every little detail into consideration before choosing a career option.

Most often, people make a mistake of underestimating or overestimating their ability and end up with a life full of regret.

Underestimating ones ability tends to waste talent and creativity.

Overestimating ones abilities creates frustration and a sense of general unhappiness in ones life.


I am only human …

Heard that phrase a lot?  ,yes i have too, i only realised that i am wrong too, I ‘m not right all the time, though it tends to seem I ‘m always right ,I am not.

A life changing experience for me today . Realisation really hurts, but Ego always comes in my way.  Accepting mistakes is so difficult, and i cannot see how to …

All i can do now is accept my faults and live with them.
Try to change myself.

Still in a tête -a -tête with myself .