TTFPP – Third Trimester Field Practical Programme

Or as i like to call it. The Tiring Freakishly Painful Pastime.

A very terrible trimester in every UDS students life . And our most hated human during this tym. Co ordinators. 

Co ordinators who come, and take attendance, not listening to any of our problems, or trying to understand forgetfulness, or accidents, or even absence to take attendance by team leaders.

My own TTFPP experience started out as a fun adventure filled with many new environments  , surveys, report writing and ended up being the 2nd worst thing in my life  .

“Unfair is life ”
“Faith broken ”
“Seeds of hate sown ”

Should the co ordinators not be human,. Should they not understand the pressure and stress we undergo to do this “stupid ” research which we students do not even benefit from?

TTFPP should be removed from the courses, especially medical school. Stressful as medical schools are, UDS medical school is worse . And TTFPP is  no good.
If Co ordinators want perfection. They should get robots to do this work.

I personally used to be in favour of the Third Trimester Field Practical Programme despite  the problems of drought , bad weather and terrible accomodation ,bad network, erratic power outages or even no electricity in some places .

But seeing as the Co ordinators dont seem to be human . I say down with TTFPP .
Which is when simply put, no good for students.

I have not left my community since i arrived at 16 45 hrs on Monday 25th May 2015.
Its 12 :58 hrs on 20th June 2015  .

In this terrible weather ,drought, lack of special amenities like toilets, or running water , or proper groceries. Ive been living on junk food, tea, and Processed goods i brought from home. The University provided purifier sachets to purify water, but what good are they if theres no water at all. University For Development Studies is a very reputed University, but until human beings understand the woes and difficulties we the students face , students will always hate TTFPP.

I am a zero year medical student living in Sang Community. Mion District. Northern Region , Ghana, West Africa,  Africa.

Though Sang is the district capital.

It does not deserve being district capital. Not until the district capital gains a good supply of amenities and basic utilities .

The people are good hearted but they lack amenities like potable drinking water. As the mechanised boreholes work only for short hours every few days . And the dam is at the moment dried up.

TTFPP – We students slog each year, do research ,yet hardworking students are always made scapegoats, yet the lax miscreants get away , simply by luck….

The University should make up their mind and get one co ordinator throughout ,because sending us a different co ordinator each week is not helpful to our research but a  hindrance ,i mean ; do we find info out or keep watching and covering our every move  .

During orientation ,there should  be extra emphasis on how assessment is carried out  . And not only lecturing us on things like SWOT analysis all the time.


Lyrics of lament ….

Beautiful memories race back to me .
Each time i think of you.
Every moment brings back memories of love, friendship, reality.
An endless spasm befalls me.
Where trapped i stay with desire and duty.
I dream of love. But lose it always.
Duty wins in the battle of emotions.

Dedicated to : Him  …..
( Wish i could change my fate)