My First Ever Fail !!!!

Its never an easy thing to study , but its not impossible , today the results to my exam came out.

A fail , 41.8 . Its not a surprise. Yet I face a very deep question to my soul . What did I do wrong???
I question what went wrong , what I was not able to do . What could I have done right ??

What did I do wrong ??
1. Slept on time ,got enough sleep .
2. Fell sick . Lost 5 days…..
3. Didn’t study enough???
4. Studied the wrong stuff.
5. Did not pray enough.
6. Answered questions wrongly??

I question what went wrong.
I think about it again and again….
I m losing my nerve each moment I think about it .


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i am a normal girl in this world ,i am trying to live here on this planet . my life has horrendous happenings which i am now writing on this blog . the only place i can be me . yours truly Nidzy

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