Dedicated to all the lessons from Failure and my support after my fall.

Life is as always , about the ups and downs , the mysterious ways by which and for which we all live .
I failed at something I’ve never failed at …..
I was scared….
I was disappointed…..

Yet. I ve been able to decide that its not the failure that counts, but the lessons that count.

Just like you find out when the storm or Apocalypse draws closer , who your true friends are. … However in this storm I’ve faced, I recognise my true friends …..

Those who helped pick up the driftwood after the ship broke apart ,
I won’t hesitate to name them, but for safety purposes I’ll code them up .

A true friend recognises the failure of the other as a simple defeat, a battle lost in the war. Encourages you to go ahead , Radiya is her name. Naggs, as I call her.

A true friend makes every effort to give you all the advice to get you back on your feet after the fall,  when he or she realises you fell . Peter-Paul is his name for me. …. If he had not advised me against losing my mind I might have actually gone bananas .

A true friend gives you moral support and keeps you from blaming yourself for your fall. Charlotte really kept my head above the water by hammering me with the fact that it was not my fault ,and that I really should believe in myself. I am worthy.

Some provided me with some comforting. Like Tima , Becca, And some few others.

But most of all my baby Sis and my parents. My dad told me that he knows I did my best, and still believes I will do better next time. My mum told me I can do whatever I want to in this world if I am hard working and dedicated enough.

My baby sis let me know that its not difficult to be the best. But its better to learn from your mistakes ….. .

After thinking and watching ABCD2 , I decided that in this world ,

Life is always about the next step
         ~Remo D’Souza

I am a winner when I decide that my failure is a blessing and a lesson in disguise.

This post will be incomplete without dedication to Dr G K Helegbe.  The one professor who has taught me ;
Discipline is the best policy
Hardworking pays
Life can give you lemons, but its your choice what to do
Respect for all
Giving all to studies , no sidetracking of your mind .

After such a failure , I am learning from my mistakes. And I don’t hold grudges. But I rather thank God and This Block Exam.

Thank you for teaching me what success cannot.


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i am a normal girl in this world ,i am trying to live here on this planet . my life has horrendous happenings which i am now writing on this blog . the only place i can be me . yours truly Nidzy

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