As a person, I’ve really come a long way, but today I have realised that all the pride and happiness I get from being proud of being a good person is just a lie.

I just have a really bad mouth…. And I keep saying things I shouldn’t , I feel like a complete arse , I shouldn’t be allowed to treat people like this.

But then again I don’t know how to control that …. I have so much light in me , but its like I’ve snapped it shut in a shell because of the way I talk .

I wish I were dumb. 😐:'(

But then again another challenge to complete …. 😐 😓

Hating myself for this , but then its a chance to change something . I don’t feel like myself ……. And I’m beginning to hate myself for what I’m doing to all the people in my life . I just need a break from myself. The more I try , the worse I become. And I feel terrible .


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i am a normal girl in this world ,i am trying to live here on this planet . my life has horrendous happenings which i am now writing on this blog . the only place i can be me . yours truly Nidzy

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