Goodbye World

I have had enough of this world , I’m fed up of being examined on things I have to memorize.
I am tired of not being good enough. I am tired. I am tired of not being good enough . I am tired of being this monster. And I am tired , just really tired.

I’m still waiting for the reason I have to live …. Still trying to find one, but still haven’t found it yet . I need a lot of that . But then again…. As every moment of every second and every minute passes, I find myself not able to find that which I need.

I feel like the worst person alive . Still don’t feel like I’m being too harsh on me. Still feel like its not who I am meant to be , whatever I’ve done so far in life , I feel like it was a lie I’ve been telling myself .

Even this dumb things I write away in the remote corners of the internet, I still find myself loathing it all .

I am waiting for the reason to live ….. As I am seated in this Laboratory filled with all of my class mates.  I find it difficult to find myself once more.

All I want from this life is to be happy , but I keep getting ostracised for who I am .
I’m really just fed up .I really am.


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i am a normal girl in this world ,i am trying to live here on this planet . my life has horrendous happenings which i am now writing on this blog . the only place i can be me . yours truly Nidzy

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