Exam tomorrow ; Block 1.6 .

Yesterday I was so fed up of life I wanted to leave this world for good. I had lost all faith in this world …. I really was or rather am looking for ways to live.


I ve decided not to let failure define me .If I am not a good person in another person’s life it does not mean I have to give up on live entirely.


Mustapha came to see me today , brought me some material for studying as my laptop had crashed a few days back.  I just poured out every thing I had on my mind. He just suggested I should focus on studying and not let depression attacks want me to give up on this world.


I’m still trying to make up my mind . There are very little reasons to live in this world …. I really have to start looking very hard for them .


I really want to be happy …. But as it seems I don’t know how to be happy    .


Smiling seems to help ,
My goal now is to be the most I can be , without any body’s opinion. The person whose opinion matters most is Me .


Even if nobody likes me …. I accept me … I love me … And that is really what matters most .



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i am a normal girl in this world ,i am trying to live here on this planet . my life has horrendous happenings which i am now writing on this blog . the only place i can be me . yours truly Nidzy

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